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Dyed fabrics

An Artist Exhibition of Handwoven Hakata-ori Textiles - From One Hand to Another -

Each piece is made using traditional Hakata-ori textile techniques, and is colored by the individual character of the artist who made it. You’ll find Hand-woven Hakata-ori obi (sashes) as well as original items made of hand-woven cloth. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy the traditional craft of Hakata-ori Textiles first-hand. In addition to the items on display, there will be an exhibition showing how Hakata-ori Textiles are made. This time around, the exhibition will show what Hakata-ori Textiles are made of by providing a close-up look at the silk fabrics that form the basis of woven goods. 
(Approx. 150 items exhibited)


Venue Takumi (Arts & Crafts) Gallery
Mini coin purse (with clasp) workshop:¥1,000
Seal case workshop: ¥1,500

Held daily for first 10 people to arrive.
Traditional Crafts Hakata-ori Textiles