About Foundation

About Foundation

Outline of the Foundation

ACROS Fukuoka Foundation
1-1-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0001
Foundation Date
August 10, 1994
Purpose of foundation
Provide support in enhancing the functions of ACROS Fukuoka to serve as a hub of international, cultural and informational exchange; to promote cultural and informational exchange networks; to promote culture in Fukuoka Prefecture; to provide information on culture and facilitate exchanges; and thus contribute to both the advancement of culture for residents of Fukuoka and the vitalization of the local community.

Foundation Activities

Promotion of Cultural Projects

Based on the following five principles, we endeavor to promote the arts and culture

●ACROS for art and fun
Providing a balance of excellent music and theatrical arts from both Japan and abroad.

●ACROS for Cultivation
Providing easy access to arts and music and nurture those who perform and support music.
10,000 People Concert for the Youth, ACROS Violin Seminar, ACROS Lunchtime Concert etc.

●ACROS Walking Hand in Hand with the Community
Providing support and encouragement to local musicians and creating a network that promotes arts and culture.
ACROS Fukuoka Floor Concert, Music Factory etc.

●ACROS for Asia
Introducing Asian music culture and promoting cultural exchange between performers.
Kyushu Philharmonic Orchestra and Asian Orchestras, Music exchange with Jinagsu, China etc.

●ACROS for Creativity
Develop creative collaborative projects between local artists. ACROS Arena Factory, ACROS Classic Festa etc.

Provision of Information

Playing an active role as a source of information on culture and tourism, and as a promoter of local culture, ACROS strives to become a new creative cultural center.

●Cultural Information Center

The Center introduces a variety of information mainly on culture, tourism and leisure in Fukuoka. A variety of pamphlets in foreign languages are available. Also, staff at the information counter will gladly answer your questions and provide suggestions regarding information on culture and tourism in Fukuoka Prefecture.

●Providing assistance to those involved in cultural activities

We provide encouragement and support to locals involved in cultural activities by introducing their work both in and outside the Prefecture through events such as holding exhibitions planned by the general public.
We provide a venue for Fukuokans to display their works in exhibitions such as those held in Takumi Gallery where you can experience the sensitivity of local craft artists.

●Vitalization of local and traditional culture

ACROS Fukuoka strives to vitalize local and traditional culture and distribute information to introduce them to people of and outside the Prefecture. ACROS Fukuoka organizes lectures, hands-on lectures that allow participants to tour historic and cultural spots with professional lecturers, and cultural lectures that bring participants closer to various arts and culture in a casual manner. We also carry out programs to activate local traditional performing arts.

●Systematized Goodwill Guides (SGG) volunteer guide club

Volunteer guides offer services to foreign tourists visiting Fukuoka showing them the highlights.

Provision of Facilities and Services

Striving to promote local culture through the provision of facilities such as the Fukuoka Symphony Hall, International Conference Hall and other meeting facilities.

●Fukuoka Symphony Hall

A fully equipped music hall that pursues a rich and beautiful sound. A movable stage with sound reverberation panels allow variable reverberation, providing an ideal setting for full orchestra performances, chamber music, musical contests, recitals, academic conferences and lectures.

●Event Hall (Multi-purpose hall)

A multi-purpose hall with 900 retractable seats and a 12-section rising stage, which can adapt immediately to any event’s demands. Offers an optional setting for any type of event such as theatrical performances, exhibitions, concerts, fashion shows and lectures.
Usable as a full flat floor or can be partitioned into two.

●International Conference Hall (Large-scale conference hall)

The hall is equipped facilities for international conferences including simultaneous interpreter booths for 6 languages, a 120 inch rear-projector screen, and 100 audience seats along with a VIP room, office room and waiting rooms.
It is suitable for a wide variety of events from international conventions and academic conferences to company information sessions and seminars.

●Conference Rooms (16 rooms: small, medium and large)

One large conference room equipped with a 100 inch rear projection screen and 15 medium and small conference rooms offer flexible services to suit the needs of conferences such as sub-sessions of international conferences, study meetings and lectures.

●Practice Rooms (5 rooms: large and small)

These rooms offer space for practice as well as support for cultural activities by amateurs, such as club and circle activities.

●Cultural Information Lounge

■Arena Hall (Small Hall)
 …A multi-purpose hall ideal for small-scale events such as mini-concerts, performances and exhibitions.
■Seminar Rooms 1 and 2
 …These rooms offer space and support for cultural activities such as seminars and cultural circle lectures.
■Cultural Gallery (Exhibition Hall)
 …This is a space for free and creative cultural activities and is available for exhibitors of artistic and cultural works.s

PR Activities

ACROS Fukuoka aims to broaden, improve effectiveness and efficiency on gathering and disseminating information on public performances, events and its facilities. The monthly information magazine “ACROS” is edited and issued not only to provide information on events, but also as an enjoyable read.

ACROS Fukuoka Ticket Center

You can buy tickets for various performances in addition to tickets of concerts sponsored or co-sponsored by ACROS Fukuoka.