Frequently Asked Questions

Facilities and Amenities

Q: Can I climb the Step Garden?

A: You can climb the Step Garden using the steps on the Tenjin Central Park side of the building. You cannot enter the garden from inside the building. The garden’s opening hours differ depending on the season or weather.

Step Garden

Q: Is free Wi-Fi available?

A: You can access free Wi-Fi at the 1st Floor Tourist Information and 2nd Floor Cultural Information.

Tourist Information
Cultural Information

Q: Do you exhibit traditional crafts from Fukuoka?

A: In the 2nd Floor Takumi Gallery, we have a permanent exhibition of nationally-designated and prefecturally-designated crafts from Fukuoka Prefecture, including Hakata dolls and Hakata-ori textiles. In addition, you can purchase items made by craftworkers from Fukuoka Prefecture at our weekly exhibitions.

Takumi (Arts & Crafts) Gallery

Q: Can I buy concert tickets at ACROS Fukuoka?

A: The Ticket Center is located on the 2nd Floor. Here, you can buy tickets for performances hosted/co-hosted by ACROS Fukuoka, such as those hosted at the Fukuoka Symphony Hall, as well as a selection of tickets for museum/gallery exhibitions.

Ticket Center

Q: Are there any restaurants?

A: You will find a range of different restaurants on the 2nd Basement Floor of ACROS Fukuoka. There is also a rest area with a drinks counter on the 1st Floor.

Shops & Restaurants

Q: Is there anywhere I can leave my luggage?

A: There are no left luggage areas or coin lockers within the building, so please use a nearby facility elsewhere.

Q: Is there a smoking area?

A: There is a smoking area in front of the escalator on the 1st Basement Floor.


Q: Do you provide baby seats and nursing rooms?

A: The 1st Floor ladies toilet has a baby changing seat. A nursery room is available on the 2nd Floor.


Q: Do you have wheelchair and baby carriage accessible toilets?

A: Wheelchair and baby carriage accessible toilets are located on each floor from the 2nd Basement Floor to the 3rd Floor.


Q: Do you provide a wheelchair rental service?

A: Wheelchairs are available free of charge at General Information on the 1st Floor (operating hours: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm).

Tourist Information

Q: Do you provide tourist information for the area surrounding ACROS Fukuoka?

A: The Tourist Information desk is located near the 1st Floor entrance on the park side of the building. Here, you will find various tourist information as well as English language pamphlets covering the Kyushu, Yamaguchi and Okinawa areas.

Q: Can I reserve hotels at the Tourist Information desk?

A: The Tourist Information desk can help direct you to hotels, but does not provide a booking service.